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Innovate with confidence

We “innovate with confidence”, as we will always take care of our customer’s needs offering innovative, high-quality products and comprehensive services. With confidence we stand as the ideal partner in providing end-to-end sterile workflow solutions, tailored for Infection Control (Healthcare) and highly customized for Life Science (Pharma and Laboratory). This promise is powered by our united strengths: a dynamic product range combined with a focus on reliability and efficiency. We will strive to meet customers’ requirements, ensuring that our solutions evolve rapidly to meet their needs.

Why SteelcoBelimed

Steelco and Belimed have joined forces to lead the way in advanced cleaning and sterilization solutions. This combination has given rise to a strategic partnership that sets new industry standards founded on relentless innovation, utmost reliability and an unmatched commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our values

Customer Centricity

Our commitment to customers’ needs and satisfaction is prioritized. Our products and services are designed to meet those specific needs, ensuring every decision we make benefits our customers for the best results.


Our dedication to progress drives us to constantly seek out and embrace new ideas, technologies and methods. This commitment ensures our products and services continually evolve and improve.


We stand by our word, delivering solid and trustworthy solutions every time. Our aim is to forge long lasting relationships built on trust and mutual respect by consistently meeting our commitments.


Empathy, passion, consideration and attentiveness are at the heart of how we interact with customers, employees, our communities and, overall, our planet. We are authentic and operate with integrity to earn the trust of our customers and stakeholders.


We strive for peak productivity by optimizing our processes, resources, and operations. Our goal is to deliver solutions and services swiftly and effectively, without compromise, minimizing waste and maximizing value.

Founded in 2001, Steelco has become the market's fastest-growing company and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cleaning and sterilization solutions for healthcare, pharmaceutical and research laboratories. This has been achieved by offering a wide, modular, and customizable product portfolio that ensures flexible and cost-efficient solutions with a great focus on innovation and automation.

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Since 1968, Belimed has been committed to reliable solutions in sterilization and disinfection. With over 50 years of experience in innovative solutions, including digitalization and advanced services, Belimed has built a wide installed base across the globe. Our commitment to innovation and high quality consistently meets evolving customer needs, ensuring their efficiency and success.

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Since its spin-off from Belimed AG in 2019, Belimed Life Science AG has evolved into an internationally recognized manufacturer of cleaning and sterilization systems for the pharma and biopharma industries within just five years. By the end of 2023, Belimed Life Science ranks among the fastest-growing companies in the industry – a testament to its innovation, quality, and global market leadership.

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